Brushes 3

Brushes 3 3.1

Powerful drawing tool for iPad

Brushes iPad Edition is an excellent drawing application that helps you get creative with your iPad. View full description


  • Clear, bloat-free user interface
  • Lots of brush options
  • Superb color palette pop-up
  • Supports layers
  • Replay your drawing processes


  • You're limited to two drawing tools


Brushes iPad Edition is an excellent drawing application that helps you get creative with your iPad.

Given the scope of what can be created with the program, Brushes is remarkably simple to pick up and start using, behaving much like a traditional sketchpad. In fact, the only drawing tools available to you are a paintbrush and an eraser - it's up to you to get creative with them.

Brushes contains an impressive color palette, which allows you to pick from a color wheel or swatch pad, and adjust the saturation and opacity of that color. An eyedropper tool allows you to select a color from your project simply by tapping on it.

Fun with brushes

You can pick which kind of brush you'd like to use, adjusting the bristle spacing, the overall size of the stroke, and the opacity. Brushes aren't pressure sensitive, which means you'll be playing around a lot with these options when shading objects.

Drawing with Brushes feels incredibly natural, and thanks to the tap-to-zoom feature it's easy to be very precise. Making mistakes isn't a problem because the app supports multiple Undos.

Layer support

Brushes supports layers, meaning you can create some neat effects with a bit of practice by isolating backgrounds, adding transparencies and the like. Some seasoned Photoshop users might get frustrated by the lack of cropping, cutting and selection tools, though.

Brushes auto-saves your work, and all of your creations are available to view in a neat gallery. You can even relive the drawing process using the movie mode to replay every brush stroke sped up.

Brushes is a superb drawing app that is easy to use and yet offers endless creative possibilities.

Brushes 3


Brushes 3 3.1